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Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: a quest for love and acceptance

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

A young girl is abandoned in a shack on a marsh in North Carolina. A murder investigation takes place in the nearest town 15 years later. What links these two events?

Delia Owens cleverly reveals the connection in her bestselling book.

This is a beautifully described story of love of the natural world: the marsh, swamp, ocean, birds and animals that inhabit it. It's also a story of bigotry: segregation was still in place in the southern states of America at the time.

Kya, 'The Marsh Girl' and main protagonist, is shy, a loner, and a victim of prejudice. We follow her quest for love, fulfilment and acceptance through a series of dramatic events.

I read this book on public transport and in cafes as well as at home and was approached by 4 separate people saying how much they loved it. Try it yourself – I suspect you'll love it too.

(I too was captivated by this book. Tense and unsettling, set against intricate descriptions of the wild beauty of the marshland, we follow Kya from frightened, abandoned child to desperate, accused adult - Christine.)

Happy reading!

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