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Book Policy

Book Recommendation Guidelines

I am delighted to receive requests to recommend a book, and on the whole, I am happy to read books suggested by authors, readers or publishers. Ideally, fiction.

The genres I prefer to read and recommend are;

  • mystery

  • thriller & suspense

  • women's fiction

  • contemporary fiction

  • literary fiction

I tend not to read these pure genres so much, but these often overlap with those above;

  • fantasy

  • sci-fi

  • action & adventure

I don't, on the whole, read these genres, so I suggest you find another reviewer if your book falls into any of these categories;

  • horror

  • romance

  • graphic novels

  • short stories

  • young adult

  • children's

  • magical realism

I cannot guarantee to provide a book recommendation and regret that I cannot always accept all recommendation requests received.


Likewise, with offers to write a book recommendation for the site.

Unlike reviews, which often contain both positive and negative comments, I (and my fellow recommenders) only recommend books we have read and genuinely enjoyed. This means the recommendation is positive.

If I have not enjoyed a book, I won’t recommend it myself but may pass it on to another recommender.

There may be circumstances when I have no time to read the book to do it justice (work, holiday, family holiday commitments).  (Plus, I do not recommend books from the erotica genre or books which contain offensive material.)

If you would like me to consider recommending a book, please contact me via the contact page on simplygoodbooks or email me at


I would be most grateful if you would not send me books for review without contacting me first.

Ideally, copies are in eBook form, but paperback, hardback or audible is also suitable.

Please also include details of

  • Title of Book

  • Author

  • Publisher

  • Book summary (no spoilers, please!)

  • Genre

  • Number of pages

  • Publication Date

  • Preferred Recommendation Date (I cannot always guarantee this)


I also post genuine good book recommendations on Amazon and Goodreads and on my own social media sites.

Simplygoodbooks recommendation credits

If you wish to reproduce any part of my or my contributors’ recommendations in books, websites or other media, please ensure that this is attributed to Christine Southern or the named recommender at simplygoodbooks with a link.


Thank you and Happy Reading!

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